Humanity has used fire and utensils to cook food for millennia. The ceramic remains of the Hittites, the civilization in the heart of Mesopotamia, also prove the birth of these vessels. This series is named; It was taken from Venessa, which was the homeland of ceramics in the Neolithic period, which is now known as Avanos. We prepared this series as a modern interpretation of Hittite ceramics. Combining natural and healthy ceramic with solid and durable granite We offer our own formulated “Seranit” coating with this series.


From frying pans and stockpots to saucepans and woks, our high-quality non stick pans are designed to make you feel complete in the kitchen.


Comfortable high heat resistant handle.
Non-heating and easy-to-grip handles which has stlish appearance.


Maximum non-stick and special PFOA free features, is both practical, healthy and also elegant in the kitchens.

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